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Brits International Pro Business Membership


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Become a member of the Brit's International social group. Come have a few laughs, chats, and be amongst friends.

To learn more about the group, please visit the following


Business Package - $95 Annually

With this level of membership you get the full use of the website and are informed of all of the club events etc..of which you are allowed to attend.
You will also have your own page to introduce yourself to other members.
You will also be able to have your business advertised on our Home Page, but it will also be displayed at the base of each outgoing email.
In addition to all of this you will also receive a copy of the USA published British owned newspaper The British Weekly that will be delivered to your door each month
The British Weekly as the name suggests is a weekly newspaper, but we will only send one copy per month to you as we only receive them here once a month.

Product Code: BRT-BMP

Manufacturer: Brits International