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British Gala Vendor


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Do you have a British business, service, social group, or an entertainer and would like to participate in the gala ?. 
We will be happy to have you part of the Gala.
Please read the following:
All vendors will have a 9' x 9' area that will include one 8 foot table (More tables available at $10 rental each).
$90 for basic space (Includes 1 x 8 foot table).
Extra space (includes extra table) = $50
Extra Table = $10
If you require an electrical outlet to power a register, or video display etc then please make sure to bring an extension cable of at least 6 foot.
Electrical outlets are not available at every booth space.
No alcohol,  or illegal substances to be sold, or in use on cathedral property.

Product Code: BG-VND

Manufacturer: Brits International






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