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British Gala Postcard Advertising


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We've been using colourful postacrds to attract the attention of fans of the British culture for the past few years  We've found these to be a much better alternative to having just fliers.
In the beginning we'd distribute around 30,000 postcards as there's a lot of places that we distribute the cards to including: British shops, tourist centres, coffee shops, hotels, event venues, casinos, local attractions, museums, restaurants, railway stations, garages, antique shops etc... We seem to find more places to leave the cards at every year.
The cards are also delivered in person within a 250 mile radius of Kansas City. The for the personal delivery service is that I feel the face to face approach to informing retailers etc of what is occurring at the festival is the best way to get them excited about the event. If the persons to where the cards are to be left are excited about the event then they will convey their thoughts more to those in their establishments etc...  Plus, with many of the various establishments that we've come accross over the years, we've met Brits, or lovers of the British isles, so we've been able to let them know what will be there too.
I've found it to be quite amazing over the years what is actually here in this part of the country that is British related. You just never know what, or whom you'll come across on the travels.
We now distribute 50,000 postcards each year. It sounds a lot of cards, but we do have a lot of establishments to leave them at.
Your company logo, or artwork will appear on the rear of the postcards. Depending how your artwork is orientated will determine how it will be placed on the rear of the cards.
Please take a look at some of the previous advertisers artwork on the postcards attached with this message.
Call if you have any questions relating to this: 816 600 7276 (Ray).

Product Code: BG - PCD

Manufacturer: Brits International